Top Ten Tuesday - Freebie Week!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke & the Bookish where we create lists to discuss some of our favorite bookish things. This week is a freebie week, so we get to come up with a list for ANYTHING we want related to books. Since I'm pretty nostalgic and love to reminisce about my childhood, I decided it would only be fitting that my freebie top ten list would be related to my favorite bookish memories.

Top Ten Favorite Bookish Memories.... and GO!

1. Wandering through the library trying to find books I hadn't already checked out. I spent so much time in my local library as a kid, it actually ended up being pretty difficult for me to find new books to read at the rate I was flying through them.

2. Scholastic book club day! It was exciting on both the day we got the Scholastic book club circular and the day that our orders came in. I remember the excitement and stress I felt trying to narrow my selections down.

3. Book-It. I honestly could have cared less about the pizza but it was a fun incentive to keep challenging myself to read more books.

4. Making forts on the floor of my room and figuring out new ways to trick my mom into thinking I was sleeping instead of staying up all night to read.

5. Discovering new book series. Every time I picked up a new series, I felt this excitement and anticipation of the new friends I was about to discover.

6. Listening to my Gram read to me. This was when I was really little and I'm not sure if I would remember it if I hadn't seen a bunch of footage on an old home video. I spent a lot of my childhood at my grandparents house and my Gram was like a second mother to me. I think that her reading to me at such a young age was part of why I became such a huge reader.

7. Summer reading and getting the syllabus for English classes. I was always the big nerd who got excited about the new books I was going to get to read for my classes.

8. Taking the old literature books from school because a new edition was coming out in the next school year. My mom was always actively involved in PTA or befriending staff at my school's and she somehow managed to get her hands on all the old English textbooks. I would take them and pretend that I was simultaneously the teacher and the entire classroom and read aloud from the books to no one in particular.

9. Book fairs. Just like Scholastic book club day but x100000. The smell of all those new books in my school cafeteria was sooo exciting. Then swapping books with friends after reading the ones we all got.

10. Making my book collection into my own mini library. I got little book plates and kept a notebook of who was borrowing books from me. My neighbors did this too and we loved going into each others libraries and "checking" the books out.

Obviously I was a huge nerd as a kid although I took some time off from reading in high school because I thought I was too cool to read. Some of these are my favorite memories of growing up and I'm so glad I found reading again.


  1. I love it that one of your favorites is Gram reading to you. My parents didn't read to us often but when they did I adored it. They are some of my happiest childhood memories.

    My Head is Full of Books

  2. Great list! I love to reminisce! I seriously miss book fairs as a kid!

    Happy Tuesday!

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  3. Aww what a lovely top ten. Hurrah for books :)

  4. #2! Yes, yes, yes! I was also the kiddo who poured through the circular and had to narrow and justify my choices because I wanted *every single one.* Thanks for bringing that good memory to me!

  5. I loved book fairs when I was kid!!