The Great Reading Funk of 2011

I apologize for being MIA over the last few weeks. I was in the middle of reading Awaken on Netgalley when it expired on me and then I started The Devil In The White City which has caused me to fall into what I'm now referring to as The Great Reading Funk of 2011. Non-fiction is so not my thing but I just can't seem to quit on a book. I'm a little over half way through now but I had to take a break to read something else, so a new review will be coming your way soon.

So, what do you guys do to get through your reading slumps?

In the meantime, here is a photo of me smiling like a goof because I am so happy that I finally bought a new bike. I rode 16 miles on Saturday afternoon!


  1. Well, in the case of Devil in the White City, I didn't finish it. Just couldn't stand all the details and the way it was written... but then, I CAN quit on a book. I think taking a break to read something else is the best way to get over it...

    Good luck

  2. Love your bike!! I really need to get a new one too.

    As for reading slumps, just taking a break usually works for me. Sometimes I'll reread old favorites that I know I'll love again and again. That seems to help a lot :)

  3. When I'm in a reading slump, I usually take a couple of days where I don't read and I focus on other things I'm interested in, or I read something different from what I've been reading (e.g., if I've been reading nothing but YA and am getting into a slump, I'll pick up a non-fiction title or poetry and read that for a while).