Top Ten Tuesday - Favorite Reading Spots

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme featured on The Broke and the Bookish. This week we are talking about our favorite reading spots.

1. My couch - I've been spending lots of time curled up on my couch with a book lately. It's comfy but it's pretty dark in the evenings. I need to get a brighter lamp before I go blind from straining my eyes!

2. On my roof deck - the apartment I moved into over the summer has an awesome roof deck. I spent many afternoons out there on my little beach chair. I've been looking for a more comfortable lounge chair to put up there.

3. On the futon in my loft - this is a great substitution for reading outside. It gets really bright in the loft and I can lay right next to the sliding glass door which lets in a nice breeze.

4. My bed - I love curling up under the blankets on a cold day. Sometimes I end up falling asleep though.

5. At the park - Some days there is really just nothing better than spreading out a blanket in the grass and laying down with a book.

6. At the beach - As much as I love the beach, I tend to get bored just laying on a towel or sitting in a chair trying to get a tan. Having a book makes it more enjoyable and it also makes me feel productive. It's not always the most comfortable place to read, but I still love reading by the ocean.

7. On the train - When I lived and worked in Boston, I got so much reading done on my commute to and from work. As long as I was able to get a seat, I was guaranteed a half hour each way of losing myself in a book. It was a nice way to de-stress right after a long day of work.

I think those are the places I enjoy reading most. I can't think of a full list of ten. I'm going to have to explore new places to read!


  1. That's awesome that you have that roof deck. I used to do a lot of my reading on the T as well. It's the only part of the T I miss.

  2. Red, I agree, it's the only part of the T I miss as well. If I ever forgot my book, it was a nightmare. There are way too many creepy people that ride the T (the orange line especially)! The days when there were delays and the trains were packed were awful too. I always ended up next to someone smelly or twitchy.

  3. Sounds like some wonderful places to read. I wish I lived close enough to a beach to go there and read.

  4. As much as I love comfy winter reading, I do miss being able to read outside a lot! Kicking back under my favorite tree is always a summer favorite.

  5. oooh, the roof deck sounds like so much fun! I've never lived high enough up to have one :)

  6. Love reading on the beach! I'm definitely an outside reader. I love the sun. If I'm inside I have to get extra cozy!

  7. Im a new follower

  8. Your loft looks really comfortable! One thing I wish I had more of in my house is light-that's the price I pay for having the big trees, I guess!