Top Ten Tuesday - Favorite Fictional Couples


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. The theme this week is top favorite fictional couples. I sat in front of my computer screen for far too long trying to come up with a list of ten, but I couldn't do it. I realized that I don't read a lot of fiction with love stories. I might need to start reading more chick lit!

1. Henry & Clare (The Time Traveler's Wife) -  definitely my favorite literary couple of all time. They were actually the only couple I could think of without really having to think about it. I've heard the argument about Clare being a weak woman, always waiting around for Henry to show up, but to me that's what makes this such an epic love story. The pain she felt when he was not around and the anticipation of seeing him again are what makes The Time Traveler's Wife one of my favorite books.

2. Romeo & Juliet - the ultimate love story. I'll admit that what makes these two one of my favorite couples is the chemistry between Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes in the 1996 adaptation. Now I can't picture anyone else as the starcrossed lovers.

3. Holly & Gerry (PS, I Love You) - This was another tragic love story. What I loved about these two was the lengths Gerry went to in order to help Holly move on.

4. Noah & Allison (The Notebook) - even though I saw the movie before I read the book, I still bawled like a baby reading the end of The Notebook. I loved Noah & Allie's relationship right from the start.

5. Jacob & Marlena (Water For Elephants) - I don't remember too much about their relationship now, having read the book over two years ago, but I remember rooting for these two all along.

6. Jess & Leslie (Bridge To Terabithia) - They weren't really a couple, I know, but I always pictured them getting married if Leslie hadn't had her accident.

7. Ron & Hermione (Harry Potter series) - love these two and their constant bickering. So glad that in the end they realized they were meant to be!


  1. I only made it to 7 as well. It's hard to come up with literary couples! I'm so glad Ron & Hermione got together. Part of me wanted it to be Harry & Hermione but really, that wouldn't have been fun

  2. I went back and amended my list to add Henry and Clare. See my two lists at: Headdfullofbooks

  3. I wonder why it is so difficult to come up with literary couples?!

    Here's my list: