Book Review: Numb by Sean Ferrell

Book: Numb by Sean Ferrell
Publisher: 2010, Harper Collins
Genre: Fiction
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My thoughts: *may contain spoilers* "Numb" is the journey of an amnesiac who can't feel pain. He has no recollection of his true identity or where he came from, so he does what any lonely person with a unique talent has at least thought of doing, he joins the circus. During his time in the circus, we begin to see that the people around him tend to use him for their own gain. He cannot feel pain but he does come away with many horrible scars that serve as a reminder. After an incident in the lion's cage, Numb (as he has come to be known), and his friend Mal head to New York City with a single clue to Numb's former life, an old, bloody business card. In New York, Numb is overwhelmed with how much the people around him use his sudden fame to make money. They nail him to bars for money despite his protests. Finally, Numb gathers the courage to break his ties with Mal. He gets himself an agent and a girlfriend, and things seem to be really looking up.
"Numb"is a wild ride in one man's search for identity. Along the way we see how it feels to be used for fame and fortune. Although Numb can't feel physical pain, this story is all about the emotional struggles he has. Even when Numb was doing stupid things like cheating on his sweet, blind girlfriend, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Ferrell did a great job of creating a flawed but likable protagonist. There was nothing amazing about this book, but it was a quick read that I found interesting. "Numb" offers a different take on human nature that I found refreshing, albeit dark. It's hard to imagine the condition Numb is in, desperately wanting to feel the pain that others feel. If you're squeamish, you may have some difficulties getting through this one as it's quite graphic at times. Ferrell is a great new writer that I'm excited to see more from.

My Rating: 3 Stars

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